"This vision happened at some point between 1995-1997.    

The angel appeared to the messenger again and told him to start a fast; that he would come back when it was time to end it.  The messenger embarked on the fast as instructed. But when there was no sign of the angel two months and a half later into the fast, he began to get a little concerned. He began to wonder at what the angel was up to; whether this was a ploy to kill him.  

However, a few nights later, he was woken by a tap on the shoulder.  He got up and went into the dining room.  There he saw the angel standing beside the refrigerator. He was dressed in regular clothes and looked just like a regular person.  The messenger noticed that the angel was holding a Holy Communion wafer in his hand. The angel put the wafer into the mouth of the messenger where it instantly dissolved, causing the messenger to vomit on the table.  Then the angel told him that he had cleansed him.  

As he continued to stare at the angel, he noticed another object in his hand: a blazing ring of fire.  Putting the fiery ring on the mouth of the messenger, the angel said to him, “You have been sent as a prophet and are consecrated to speak for God.” 

It was at this point that the messenger saw the angel holding an ancient scroll.  The angel showed the scroll to him and asked him to read it.  But he couldn’t make out what it said.  It wasn’t in English.  The angel told him it was the message he'd been teaching him; the message he was sent to deliver to the church of Jesus Christ.  The angel stated that when the wafer and blazing ring of fire completed its work within him, the messenger would be able to understand the message written in the scroll.  

Then the angel put the scroll into the mouth of the messenger; it felt pasty, gummy, and filling in his mouth.  

And, suddenly, the angel vanished into thin air.  

The messenger remained there for a while in the silence of the night; in total amazement; looking around at the table; there was no vomit nor any visible traces of this strange happening.   Finally he got up and went back to sleep.  

Several nights later in his room, studying his bible and pondering on some of the new teachings from the angel, the messenger suddenly felt the presence of the angel; but could not see him.  In his mind he heard, “Write.” So he began to write.  He wrote non-stop for several hours; and as he wrote, multiple visions and voices raced through his mind; his hand moved in response to the things he heard and saw; yet he was a total stranger to what he was writing.

The next morning he grabbed the paper and began to read it over and over again.  He was baffled.  He could not make any meaning out of a single line of all that he had written the previous night.  But as the days rolled by, in the course of the subsequent weeks and months, it all began to come together in his mind; it all started to make sense he gained ever increasing understanding of the message in the scroll.  It was the message he was sent to deliver to the church of Jesus Christ: The Wildfire Message.

~ Narrated by 
Sommer Kinchen
United States Wildfire Missions Director